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Before providing any services, you need to register with Phonepay Plus. Moneymagpie: Why did you set up a premium rate phone line?After you’ve registered, you must submit details of your premium rate service and numbers online within 2 working days of them being active. It will take time and some effort so if you’re looking for a quick buck this probably isn’t the money maker for you. In 2011 Lee Beaumont from Leeds decided to take revenge against cold callers. Lee: Back in 2011 I used to work as a night manager at Tesco and I would use my evening catching-up on some TV before work.In 2009 the premium rate industry in the UK was estimated to be worth around £800 million – however strict regulation has been put into place over the last couple of years to try to weed out the cowboys.Recommended for you – Get your own back – cold call revenge!

These charges are then shared between the network operator (typically BT) and the service provider – you.You may need to get their permission to set up some services, where consumers need extra protection – it’s better to check before wasting your time.You must check the background of premium rate organisations that you intend to connect with and ensure consumers are not put at risk.Lee: The best thing is not to look at it as “How much money can I make?” as Phonepayplus (regulator) advise – you can not use 08 numbers just to make money.

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Now that you can recognise what premium phone numbers look like how about we tell you how you can make some money from setting one up for yourself?

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