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If it was an 'early' 80s BC Rich that could have been worth the 0 but now I know the type were talking about I'd say it definitely wasn't worth anywhere near that price. Just like any other manufacturer, some are good some are not... I stopped following Bc Rich when I went to ESP way back when.. As of today does anyone know the Platinum Pro's are worth a damn?

The ST3 I had was mediocre at best but the Mockingbird was a nice guitar. I like Bc Rich's from the late 80's,,,the classics.

Ok,,, so can an expert here on the Bc Rich lay out a time line please?

Rich neck-through guitars is relatively easy, although slightly. I dont think dating a guitar would be a very good thing. You can probably find a serial number somewhere like under the neck joint, or on the back of the neck printed there.

Though most collectors don’t have much of an interest in B. Rich, this Mockingbird is definitely a treasure when it comes to vintage guitars. Fjestad is a freelance writer who specializes in guitars and amplifiers including the history behind them and their current value.

(More on this later on.) The second Punisher design turns up in the 1992 B. Rich catalog and some related advertisements but it doesn't really look like the Punisher we know.

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Rich continues to offer a wide variety of electric guitars, and the Mockingbird remains an important part of their product line. Fjestad has been evaluating and appraising guitars for over 20 years.

At the time he put all of the electronics (the Active Booster circuit, Varitone and phase parrallel/series switches)together himself from basic components. They're very popular among the 'Black Metal' crowd and you can see why.

I could tell you about it if you could put some pictures of it up here. He said that the all Mahogany Eagles were rare guitars and this particular one was hand wired by him personally. Rich ST-3- says it has a 100 piece laminate neck??!!! this is good, cuz now i have a USA made workable guitar with a kahler tremolo (YESSSS) and neck thru apparently, and i can install what i want on and new pickups,so its basically a 250 project that will end up being a very formidable instrument after i work with it Yeah,there's far too much spikage and sharp edges for my liking on the current Moser designs but the man is a legend in the guitar world and makes exceptional quality guitars.

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This guitar is in “excellent-plus” to “near-mint” condition (very clean), and is currently valued between $3,000 and $3,500.