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Pressing the start command button moves the GUI to state 1 and will cause the execution of a ping to measure the supply voltage and will execute routine Do Heater.This routine increases the filament bias from 0 to 100% of the set point value in 10% increments every second.In this example there are three curves: curves one and two consisting of six data points while the third curve consists of eight data points.The supply voltage is an important system parameter for the GUI.The first command is the 00 settings command which ensures that the PGAs are properly set.The second command is the newly defined 50 ping command.Since the writing of the previous sections the wish list at the end of that section has been implemented.There are now already so much changes that just for the sake of documentation the version number of the GUI has been increased to V3.5.

Figure 18.1 gives an example of a sequence of curve numbers.Figure 18.2 shows the revised state diagram of the version 3 GUI.On initialization, the GUI is set to state 0 meaning that filament is off and no measurements.With respect to the previous version, V3.5 includes: storing of measurements in two different formats, storing of the graph in a bmp file, a new form with sliders that can be used to calibrate voltages and currents, saving of the calibration data in a calibration file which is automatically loaded at start-up, plotting of a load line, plotting of a maximum dissipation hyperbole, implementation of a ping function which returns the analog values of the eight AD input channels, automatic measuring of the u Tracer supply voltage which is an important system constant in the GUI.The general structure of the GUI is basically the same as the structure of the version 2 GUI.

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When the Store command button is pushed, the actual data is copied to region consisting of rows 1000 to 1999. This is the area where the fitted data is stored for representation.