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mohammad would have loved this movie as it has no warnings about having sex with pigs and 9 year old girls.

the leatherboys at the homo clubs love to listen to the queeran while doing each other. For that matter, talking pictures were still young.

I was ready to put it in the same category as Reefer Madness but then it morphed into something historical.

So I'll give it a star because it inspired me to do some research and learn something.

(Now I want to find out what sort of treatments they were offering in 1938 so back to my googling.) that book long review you wrote is a good example of why the world has been at war killing each other for thousands of years (like the one we have now! Antoninus writes that such is the nauseousness of this sin that the devils themselves cannot endure it.

Producer Dwain Esper was also behind (as director) the 'so bad it's brilliant' Maniac and (as producer) Reefer Madness, which in spite of its modern cultdom is a merely awful film in spite of some amusing moments, shapeless, hectoring and sluggish.

This is actually a suprisingly competent and pacy, entertaining affair despite the lack of care which has gone into it. There's a guy playing a medical expert in this film - the "If this is not stopped, mankind is bound for a new age of darkness" one, who I'm almost sure is also in an identical role in one of my BFI flicks. The orchestral excerpts popping up from time to time are from the first movement of Bruckner's Symphony No.8.

If so, then his role here only scraps his bombastic direness as an actor. I just read about one of those old time producers, turns out these type of films were created deliberately to sound "helpful" but in reality were the producers way of getting smut into regular theatres. My grandmother told me the same thing, and that NO BODY bought the idea that these were educational unless you were very ignorant.

If all these things were actually true and if jerking off caused blindness then by now I would have devolved back to a being with no eyes whatsoever like an earthworm. This program, part of a nation-wide effort in the years 1937-40, was the "flagship" of the United States' "War on Syphilis".

Well now that I'm an old codger and my sex life is almost non-existent i guess i can relax and tell kids to not be "friendly".. Much like the "War on Drugs" of today, it met with varied degrees of success and failure.

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It was because of this campaign that blood tests became mandatory for wedding licenses, and pregnant women and babies were checked for STDs.