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Within many of the site's structures are impressive gateways; the ones of monumental scale are placed on artificial mounds, platforms, or sunken courts. This iconography also is used on some oversized vessels, indicating an importance to the culture.This iconography is most present on the Gateway of the Sun.Researchers believe it achieved this standing prior to Tiwanaku expanding its powerful empire.The structures that have been excavated by researchers at Tiwanaku include the Akapana, Akapana East, and Pumapunku stepped platforms, the Kalasasaya, the Kheri Kala, and Putuni enclosures, and the Semi-Subterranean Temple. The Akapana is an approximately cross-shaped pyramidal structure that is 257 m wide, 197 m broad at its maximum, and 16.5 m tall. This was nearly destroyed by a deep looters excavation that extends from the center of this structure to its eastern side.Since the late 20th century, researchers have theorized that this was not the gateway's original location.

Yellow and red clay were used in different areas for what seems like aesthetic purposes.Identical 20-meter-wide projections extend 27.6 meters north and south from the northeast and southeast corners of the Pumapunku.Walled and unwalled courts and an esplanade are associated with this structure.He came upon the remains of Tiwanaku in 1549 while searching for the Inca capital in Qullasuyu.During the time period between 300 BC and AD 300, Tiwanaku is thought to have been a moral and cosmological center for the Tiwanaku empire, and one to which many people made pilgrimages.

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