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She is sore all over, worked out too much yesterday.Do your magic on her.""I'll be happy too."I walked behind Jane's chair and started kneading her shoulders and neck stealing long glances down her blouse.I do it on a daily basis even if I have sex with my wife on that day.My taste in porn has changed over time, starting out looking at teenage lesbian girls, eventually migrating to MILFs and finally now GILFs having sex with men.

"I stuck my head in her cleavage inhaling their scent, wrapping her tits around my head.

I brushed her toes slightly against my rock hard erection.

Jane started to wiggle her toes tickling my cock and balls.

So, she turns me away on a regular basis because she does not want it every day.

I don't mind it that much because I love watching porn and love to masturbate.

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It's refreshing actually."We kept talking about sex all night. A few days later Jane came over for lunch"I overdid it at the gym yesterday.