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Group policies not updating

This method is the only surefire way to get back to regularly scheduled automatic updates.To get started, we need to grab a copy of a custom policy template for Chrome.Not only is digging around in the Windows Registry generally a bad idea because mistakes and errors can snowball into big problems quickly, but the Group Policy Editor method we’re about to walk through will stay current even if Google Chrome uses different registry keys in the future (whereas showing you specific registry keys will work today but might not work next year).Manually downloading a new version of Chrome and trying to overwrite your current install won’t work either, as the new installation will still need to contact the update servers and the erroneously-set-policy will still block the update.Windows 7 Pro, Enterprise, etc., Windows 8 Pro), unfortunately. Windows 7 Home) you’ll need to do the very mucking about in the registry we like to avoid leading readers into necessarily.Please read over the rest of this tutorial to get a sense of what exactly you’re editing, but then refer to the Google help file Google Update for Enterprise with a focus on the Registry Settings section (which highlights all the registry keys you’ll need to manually edit to achieve what we’re doing here with the Group Policy Template).The process is more complicated than it should be, but don’t worry: we’re here to walk you through it.

Use the Group Policy Editor to set the update policy override for the Google Chrome Binaries application and try again; see J9g V for details.The default setting in the options should be “Always allow updates”; switch it to this setting if it is disabled.You can also switch to manual updates only or automatic silent updates if, again, you have a pressing need to do so.You can call on the Group Policy Editor by opening the Run dialog (Win R) and typing in: Once the Group Policy Editor is open, you need to navigate to, via the section located in the left-hand navigation pane, Local Computer Policy - Administrative Templates.Right-click on the entry, as seen in the screenshot above, and select “Add/Remove Templates…” and then browse to the location of the Google template you downloaded just a moment ago.

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Once you’ve installed the custom policy, it’s time to locate the templates within the Local Group Policy Editor.