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Radioactive rock dating site

This relies on the fact that a number of radioactive isotopes (like uranium) are known to decay into daughter products at a known constant rate.Probably the best known example of radiometric testing of living organisms, that may have been found at the site, is carbon-14 (radiocarbon) dating, which relies on Carbon-14 absorption. Pike at the caves of El Castillo and Altamira is known as Uranium/Thorium dating.

It features all the major types of Paleolithic art yet discovered, including: petroglyphs (the oldest type of cultural expression), parietal art (like cave painting, as well as hand stencils and other abstract signs) and also mobiliary art (like ivory carving and other portable forms of sculpture).Thus sometimes, dating is dependent on paleontologist scholarship to provide the historical context against which an artifact's relevance and age can be assessed, through stylistic comparison with cave paintings and engravings at other archeological sites.At present, a large variety of fossils, tools and artifacts are being studied by paleoanthropologists and other Stone Age scholars, in order to fix their date of origin.Mesolithic Period c.10,000 - 4,000 BCE: Northern and Western Europe c.10,000 - 7,000 BCE: Southeast Europe c.10,000 - 8,000 BCE: Middle East & Rest of World See: Mesolithic Art, for details.Mesolithic was a short intervening period between the hunter-gatherer culture of the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) and the farming culture of the Neolithic (New Stone Age), during which the ice retreated to the poles and melted.

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The first Near East civilizations (Minoan, Mycenean) appear. From about 400 BCE - as Greek art begins to dazzle - we leave prehistory and enter great era of Classical Antiquity characterized by Greek sculpture and Greek Pottery and the more sobre style of Roman art.

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