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I always had interest with ecosystem, living things, nature and how it evolves.But even when I was in school, I used to model, I used to act as well and I used to present back then.

What do you have to say about the alleged romance between you and co-VJ, Adam?There are times that you go out with your friends and you want to act mad and go crazy but you can’t do that being a TV personality, the only thing I miss is “being crazy”. When I say I used to be, it doesn’t mean I’m not smart anymore.You studied Geography and Town Planning, how is it related to being a presenter? But the smart kid in school actually goes to Science Class and you feel that is where it is.After school, it was not difficult to just pick up one of the things I have done.But it doesn’t mean that I cannot decide to be an environmentalist tomorrow.

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But we’ll come back to my situation in a minute—let’s first get oriented on Nigeria.

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