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Tokiwa kitareri online dating

The poll ended: January 13th 2018Hopefully someone else will pick up the series that they are closing their doors around January 18.

This will be a sad day for the scanlation community.

You can submit poll ideas here Previous Poll Results: Question: You know a series is incomplete and on hiatus Choices: I'd still read it - votes: 3147 (55.9%)Nope, skip it - votes: 2478 (44.1%)There were 5625 total votes.

The poll ended: January 6th 2018Huh, more people would read it.

Choices: All the time - votes: 392 (7.9%)Most of the time - votes: 2982 (59.8%)50/50 - votes: 1121 (22.5%)Not really - votes: 457 (9.2%)Never - votes: 38 (0.8%)There were 4990 total votes.

The poll ended: December 23rd 2017Pretty obvious most of the time Previous Poll Results: Question: Your favorite author has been charged and/or convicted of a serious crime (murder, rape, child prostitution, etc).

We get into their own tumultuous feelings on the creator of Gantz's latest story.― Welp, we are officially a week and a half into 2018. And for years I've been wondering why this genre seems not to be animated much anymore?

”, any anime fan or creator will likely point towards their digital compositing.

- TAKAGI-SAN - School Babysitters - Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card - Mitsuboshi Colors - Pop Team Epic - and much more!

If you were hooked by Devilman Crybaby and find yourself wanting more, the show's director Masaaki Yuasa has a heap of fascinating work available to watch at your fingertips!

That actually surprised me This week's poll is from F_J.

I realize that it'll depend on other factors (like how good the series is or personal recommendations from friends), but all things considered, does the series being incomplete and on hiatus impact your decisions?

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