Why is empire total war updating acctv online dating

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Why is empire total war updating

Stronghold Bonus You may have noticed under Personal Reward there is something called Stronghold Bonus. Each 100% completed personal stronghold will grant you 25% bonus towards Conquest points for a maximum of 100% bonus from four 100% completed personal strongholds. What this means is that if you normally earn 500 points for completing an objective, you will now earn 1000 points if you have 100% Stronghold bonus.However, keep in mind that if the objective also have Invasion Bonus, this is calculated a bit different.If you didn’t get first place, you can still receive guild rewards for placing on the top 10 leaderboards of a specific planet.Rewards Last but not least, there are rewards to be gained for completing the personal and guild conquest objectives This is a weekly you can do only once per conquest per character.Larger guilds tends to have more crafters, more players that run flashpoints, warzones and all the activities that contribute points.Smaller guilds will either need to have more dedicated players with lots of playtime to compete.In addition to the planet specific temporary walker mounts, you also get a special legacy title for each planet you have conquered.If you managed to conquer all 15 planets, you get The Galaxy Conqueror legacy title.

Each Conquest will be involving a bunch of different planets/daily areas that guilds can invade and compete in.To conquer a planet, your guild must invade that planet and place first place on that planet’s leaderboard when the conquest finishes.At the end of the Conquest week, your guild will be conquerors of that planet and this give you access to Walker mounts and Starship Flybys assuming you have finished the reward tracks. Planetary Conquest is a weekly rotating objective players can participate in.While this is largely intended for guilded players, players without guilds can also participate but they won’t be able to reap all the benefits.

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